Consul – Z-Line minicars to big transporters

Z-Line 2 post lift type Z255 HD Flex

Product description :

User friendly hydraulic lift with roller mounted swivel arms. The extremely long arms ensure lifting using the original pick-up points.

Equipment :

No hydraulic hoses, no steel cables
Special rolled section column
Lifting carriage including 6 maintenance free roller bearings
High pressure hydraulic drive with 2 high pressure cylinders
Softline push button control
Lockable main switch (as required by CE)
High handling safety due to digital microcomputer control
Automatic arm locking mechanism with manual release function
Quick connectors for air-supply on both sides
Cushioning door stop, complete covering of post interior
Acoustic foot protection
Motors with thermal protection
Variable installation width possible without deduction of capacity
Optional: self-supporting base frame; 2nd control unit
Protection class IP54, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493,CE-approved

Manufacturer’s website: Consul

Product website: Consul-Z-Line

Product PDF : Consul-Z-Line_hd-flex-7