Consul – 2 Cylinder lifts 2.35 MKS Optima

Consul 2 ram inground lift 2.35 MKS Optima

Product Description: 

For lifting of vehicles with an overall weight up to 3.500 kg. 2 ram lifting unit with integrated cassette and chrome plated guide pistons. Lift has to be combined with swivel-arm chassis.

Design features:

Installation cassette with hot-dip galvanized profile steel frame
Hard chromed guide pistons
Electro-hydraulic drive, external from lifting unit
Mechanical synchronisation via yoke which is at the same time safety device
Electronic control with stop valve
Connection nozzle for KG-pipe DN 100 for cassette ventilation and as supply line network
Cassette cover cpl. hot-dip galvanized
Protection class IP54, GS-appoved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

Manufacturer’s website : Consul

Product website : Consul-2.35-MKS-Optima

Product PDF: Consul-2.35-MKS-Optima