Consul – 2 cylinder lifts 2.35 MKK

Consul 2 ram inground lift 2.35 MKK

Product Description: 

Inground lift with integrated cassette and chrome palted guide cylinders for cars and most mini vans (e.g. T5) with an overall weight up to 3.500 kg. Designed with wise ram distance for body works and use of car benches. Lift must be combined with chassis.

Design features:

Installation cassette with hot-dip galvanized profile steel frame
Hard chromed guide pistons
Electro-hydraulic drive, external from lifting unit
Mechanical synchronisation via yoke which is at the same time safety device
Synchronisation upon lowering via adjustable restrictor valves
Electronic control with stop valve
Connection nozzle for KG-pipe DN 100 for cassette ventilation and as supply line network
Cassette cover cpl. hot-dip galvanized
Protection class IP54, GS-appoved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

Manufacturer’s website : Consul

Product website : Consul-2.35-MKK

Product PDF : Consul-2.35-MKK