Christ – Sewage water treatment

Sewage pre-treatment 


Biological Agent For Recycled Water

BIOCLEAN eliminates odour problems in vehicle washing systems with recycled water equipment. The micro-organisms within it consume the particles of dirt and residues in the recycled water. Tanks and pipes in the water tre atment plant are clean again, and the water is clear and odourless.



FLOCCER is a high-performance flocculant for treating dirty water with subsequent clarification. It is fed via the dosing system of the water treatment plant in the waste water collection pit of the washer for an optimized sedimentation process in the sump system.


Caustic Soda Solution

LEACHER is used as a neutralisation agent in water preparation  plants. The product is fed via th  dosing system of the water reco very system to the industrial water, and raises the acidic industrial  water into the neutral pH range. This enhances the flocculant action for example.


Odor Neutralizer

The special product OXIDIZER is a highly effective odour neutrali ser. It neutralises chemical odour problems arising in vehicle wash systems with problematic process  situations in the field of industrial water recovery systems, and in the dirty water setting basin section.


Antifreeze Protection Self-Service Wash Systems

ANTIFREEZE is used as an antifreeze agent in the underfloor heating systems of wash bays and in antifreeze recirculation in self-service wash bay systems. It prevents aqueous line systems from freezing. The freezing tem perature limit can be adjusted through appropriate dilution.


Liquid Water Softener

WATERSOFT is a highly effective antiscalant that can be used in reverse osmosis plants with a do sing system, which run with a feed water volume of less than 120 m³/ day and with minimal supervision. It removes the hardness from the feed water and prevents membra ne blockages.


Crystalline Sodium Chloride

VITALIZER is a regenerating salt for softening plants. Soft water is produced in these plants in an ion exchange process. The ion-exchange resin in the plant is regene rated with the regenerating salt, once it has been depleted and is no longer able to bind calcifying  components.

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