Ahcon – Bead Breaker BBRT 700

Bead Breaker

Bead Breaker BBRT 700 is the most basic model of our ergonomic bead breakers.

LIt breaks the bead horizontally and can be used for MC-, car- and C-van tyres. The horizontally bead breaking ensures a much lower number of pressure damages to the rim and a much better working posture compared with the use of traditional vertical bead breakers.

As all our bead breakers the BBRT 700 includes a wheel turning plate that allows turning the wheel 180 degrees without lifting it. This way the fitter is provided the most ergonomic working method when breaking beads.

BBRT 700 comes with 2 level adjustments.


Beadbreaking horizontally
Low amount of damages to rims
No manually lifting needed
High level of ergonomic

BBRT 700 in action

BBRT 700 is of a quite simple construction – but still a very genious piece of equipment to get the old tires off the rims.

With AHCON bead breakers you get a number of advantages for the job of breaking the beads:

You take your health into consideration by allowing a high level of ergonomics
You take good care of the rims by using the horisontally position for beadbreaking

In the picture you can see the Wheel Trolley Lift placed on the side of the bead breaker. This lift helps you to raise the heavy tires up to the level of the bead breaker – and thereby you avoid unnecessary lifting.

BBRT 700 in a line

AHCON Bead Breakers are key components in complete lines of equipment for mounting tires.

These lines are also known as the AHCON Speedline system. “Speedline” because we know, that our lines systemise the workflow in the workshop – and therefore make it more efficient to work with tires.

In the shown line you see the BBRT 700 placed after the Wheel Trolley lift and before the tire changer.

The AHCON Bead Breakers can be combined with different kinds of AHCON Wheel Lifts – and many kinds of tire changers from all kinds of producers.

The BBRT 700 is also available in the BBRT 900 version which is composed of a magic arm to hold the alloy wheels and a practical toolbox on the right side with a large front panel and small panels on both sides that give it an exclusive look as well. There’s also a BBRT 900 XL version that stands out for its suitability for extra wide wheels.

Manufacturer’s website: Ahcon

Product website : Ahcon-BBRT700

Product PDF : Ahcon-BBRT700