Werther – Scissor lift Saturnus EV 45

Electro-hydraulic scissor lift

Hydraulic platforms’ synchronization
• 2 independent hydraulic circuits
• Overload safety valve
• Safety valve in the event of sudden loss of pressure
• Manual descent system in the event of power failures
• 24V “dead man” controls
• auxiliary lifting tables with double cylinders’ system and 4 rubber pads (LT and ATLT versions)
• Set of 4 rubber pads (LT and ATLT)
• Front recesses and rear slip plates for wheel alignment (AT and ATLT versions)
• Lateral rails for jack ing beams • Acoustic warning in the last portion of descent
• Mechanical locks be tween the cylinders for a perfect levelling of the platforms (AT and ATLT versions) –

OPTION 1: recessed installation Kit – OPTION 2 : : on floor installation Kit

Manufacturer’s website: Werther

Product website: Werther – Saturnus 45

Product PDF : Werther – Saturnus 45