TEN – NER zero emission unit

TEN NER Zero emission unit 

The TEN NER is a portable zero emission unit to reduce diesel smoke emissions in the garage environment. Because of the smart design, the NER can be used for passenger and commercial (HTV) vehicles. The NER is used in combination with the TEN INNOVA / EDA emission combi testers and secures a quick, accurate and safe smoke test.

Because of new health regulations, more and more diesel smoke emissions must be reduced in the garage environment. This because of safety and serious diseases. With help of the NER, no diesel smoke particles will enter the garage environment; there is ‘Zero Emission’.

Because of the unique design of the NER 0-emission system it is even possible to use the system as a combi unit for passenger cars as well as for trucks. At the front panel of the NER you will find two grips for the mechanical valves. With these valves you can easily select the passenger car inlet or the truck inlet, depending on the vehicle to test.

The NER 0-emission unit is an investment that saves money, time and health. Specially for technicians and inspectors in test centres where thousands and thousands of tests are performed every year, one can imagine how many pollution is generated inside these test centres. In a normal garage environment the Maximum Permitted Concentration (MPC) of black coal over 8 hours is 3.5 mg/m3. With the NER 0-emission system you can avoid this pollution and create a cleaner and healthy test environment.

Technical information:

Minimal flow extraction : 1000 m³/hour
Minimal flow truck version: 2000 m³/hour
Extraction system connection : ø 180 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h – excl. casters): 750 x 500 x 930 mm
Weight (excl. sample hoses): 30 kg.

Manufacturer’s website : Ten-Automotive

Product website : Ten-Automotive-Ner-Zero-Emission-Unit