Staco – Stair treads type TR

Stair treads type TR

Staco stair treads and landings can be made from pressed gratings, perforated gratings, platform gratings, electro-forged gratings and GRP gratings. In addition to a standard range of stair treads, Staco also supplies custom-made straight stair treads, and stair treads for spiral staircases with or without landings.

Type TR 3 – 30 / 33 x 33
Bearing bars 30 x 3 mm
Crossbars 10 x 2 mm
Mesh size 33.33 x 33.33 c.t.c.
Front of toe edge nosing
Sides of mounting plates 70 x 3 mm with holes
Rear of Staco profile edge bars 30 mm high

Anti-slip versions for better grip

Type TR.AD
serrated bearing bars

Type TR.AV
serrated crossbars

serrated bearing and transverse bars

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