Staco – Pressed gratings type RH

Pressed gratings type RH

Heavy duty gratings type RH

Heavy duty gratings are made of thicker steel of 4 or 5 mm and have standard flat edging, with the edge thickness being the same as the bearing bars. The use of thicker steel greatly increases the load carrying capacity which makes these gratings ideally suited for extra heavy loads. Heavy duty gratings are widely used in industrial and residential building. Anti-slip serration is possible on both the bearing and crossbars of all types. In addition, specific designs are possible

Bearing bars

25 x 4 mm to 150 x 5 mm


material steel quality S235JR – 10 x 3 and 12 x 3 mm (only applies to 4 mm bearing bars)
material steel quality S235JR – 12 x 5 (applies to both 4 and 5 mm bearing bars)
material stainless-steel quality Aisi 304 (1.4301) and Aisi 316l (1.4404) – 15×5 mm (applies top both 4 and 5 mm bearing bars)
material aluminium quality AlMg3g22 – 15 x 5 mm (applies to both 4 and 5 mm bearing bars). from 100 mm bearing bar height, acrossbar size of 20×5 mm applies to all materials types.

Edge bar

Same as for bearing bars in flat 4 and 5 mm.
Other options on request.

Choice of the following materials
steel quality S235JR
stainless-steel quality Aisi 304 (1.4301)
stainless-steel quality Aisi 316l (1.4404)
aluminium quality AlMg3g22

Anti-slip versions for better grip

Type RH.AD
serrated bearing bars.

Type RH.AV
serrated crossbars.

serrated bearing and crossbars.

Flat edge

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