Sidamo – Pillar drill SPC 40 TE DL

Pillar drill

Drilling metals, plastic materials and wood, with coolant

Product Information:

“Slow down motion
Steel cast iron frame, head and stand
Steel column
Machined aluminium pulleys
Transmission through V belts with rapid adujstment of tension
Spindle fitted on bearings
Adjustable spindle mack motion through retiurn spring
2-gear motor
24V very low voltage controls
Switching on lamp
Emergency Stop through mushroom stay put button
3-point locking circuit breaker
Detachable servo protective shield
24V lighting
Electrical protection IP54
Noise level 50 dB
3-position reversible vice table (with vernier), V jaws to drill tubes
Vice fitted on guideways to center the part to drill
Rack-driven table, graisseur de la vis sans fin
Hot weather adaptation on request
Can be modified to 230V three-phase on request”

Supplied with :

“- Self-clamping chuck 16 mm
– Chuck shank
– Taper drift

Product PDF : Sidamo – PC40FCTE