Nilfisk – High pressure stationary hot water – SH AUTO 5M-100/500 DSS EU

The SH AUTO 5M is a range of stationary self service wash units equipped with innovative frequency modulated motor technology. Ideal solutions for equipping service stations or car dealerships with a self service wash site with quick payback on investment



The innovative frequency modulator technology leads to a more simple machine with lower wear parts and downtime due to maintenance. The machine will thus be in operation for longer periods and will also cost less in service. This in turn decreases investment payback time.

Simultaneously, the SH AUTO 5M is more comfortable and easier to use, with lower noise levels – creating greater user satisfation and loyalty to the cleaning site, leading to more repeat business.

Low fuel, water and electricity consumption also reduce daily operating costs.

  • Low wear and tear and service requirements reduce maintenance costs

  • Inovative frequency modulated technology

  • Low daily run costs through reduced fuel, water and electrical consumption

  • Available with steel and stainless steel coils in diesel fired models for areas with hard or soft water

  • Available with electrical heating system for pollution free cleaning

  • Ergonomical and pressure relieved accessories for extra comfort in use

  • Low noise levels


Technical specifications :

Model No107370882 Model No107370882 Model No107370882
Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)100/10 Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)100/10 Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)100/10
Recommended avg. hours of use per day8 Recommended avg. hours of use per day8 Recommended avg. hours of use per day8
Cleaning impact (kg/force)2 Cleaning impact (kg/force)2 Cleaning impact (kg/force)2


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