Nilfisk – High pressure cold water cabinet – SC DELTA 6P-160/9000-6 EU

SC DELTA la solution ultime.

The SC DELTA is a multi-pump, multi-pressure system encompassing 3, 4 or 6 pumps – and allowing up to 12 people to work at any time. A stationary cold water unit for the heaviest cleaning applications in industry, slaughter houses, food & beverage industry, ship & off shore industry and large truck wash areas.


Each user can choose his working pressure and flow – based on the main unit line pressure and a range of special lances. The SC DELTA thus covers low, medium and high pressure applications. The on-board touch screen control panel automatically manages the start stop of pumps according to demand and also incorporates an advanced diagnostic system.

The SC DELTA offers very high productivity with high flow and simultaneous enabling of a wide range of user requirements of high & low pressures, different flow levels, and detergents. It is a very durable and reliable machine, with easy maintenance and minimal downtime. The high productivity combined with low maintenance cost offers the best-in-class total cost of cleaning.

  • 3,4 or 6 pumps for up to 12 users at one time

  • Colour coded lances allow mixed use of low, medium and high pressure, detergent application

  • Inlet water of up to 85°C into break tank and 70°C through pumps (80° as optional)

  • Stainless steel design with high level of accessibility and serviceability

  • Machine continues to run whilst individual pumps can be removed for service

  • Intelligent start stop function for motor pumps depending on real-time demand from users

  • Line pressures available from 80 to 160 bar

  • Touch screen control panel & advanced diagnostics system

Technical specifications :

Model No107342005 Model No107342005 Model No107342005
Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)160/16 Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)160/16 Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)160/16
Cleaning impact (kg/force)43.9 Cleaning impact (kg/force)43.9 Cleaning impact (kg/force)43.9
Recommended avg. hours of use per day7 Recommended avg. hours of use per day7 Recommended avg. hours of use per day7


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