Ravaglioli – Scissor lift RAV 635

Lifts with large size platforms and sturdy structure assuring maximum rigidity and working stability.

Wheel alignment lifts

Platforms for total wheel alignment, with front turning plates locations and rear slip plates.

The best solution for a rational workshop:

space saving when lift is raised
obstacle free floor space when lift is fully lowered

No cross rails or torsion bars between lifting platforms (for maximum accessibility in the working area).

Base plates with levelling system to ease installationRear slip plates with pneumatic locking in true position, angular and transversal movements in both directions.

The RAV 635 has a lifting capacity of 3500 kg ; The RAV 640 has the same characteristics as its congener but can lift 4200 kg.

Manufacturer’s website : Ravaglioli

Product website : Ravaglioli-635

Product PDF : Ravaglioli-635