Provost – Storage / Shelving

To arrange your workspace Provost offers storage platform and workshop solutions; mezzanine platforms can double or triple your workspace and office and workshop dividers will create work areas, offices and meeting rooms. Guardrails, mezzanine stairways and signage are also available to complete your workspace.

See our solutions for workshop dividers and industrial dividers for arranging your stocks, warehouses and the protection of risk areas. PROVOST can also supply you with security barriers to demarcate storage areas and aisles

A modular partition allows dangerous products to be isolated, to limit access to dangerous zones and traffic zones in warehouses. It also provides security for high value added areas and therefore reduces shrinkage.

Whether mesh covered or partially mesh covered, modular partitions can adapt to all installations without reducing existing functions such as electricity, air-conditioning, heating or ventilation.

These partitions do not reduce lighting, which means that protection and circulation can proceed without risk. Made up of standard elements (posts, mesh panels, counter panels, load struts), the modular partition Modul + accepts both swing and sliding doors.

Warehouse storage

PROPAL 3 pallet rack: the French pallet rack for storing up to 6 tons per level.

The PROPAL 3 storage rack meets the most varied requirements:

Storage of pallets, bulky parcels, pallet boxes and very heavy loads (Capacity: up to 18 tonnes per level*)
Deposit levels up to 10 metres high.

An innovative, high-performance solution made with HLE steels that meets the requirements of robustness and competitiveness for industry, logistics, e-commerce, distribution, etc.

Choose a Propal 3 palletiser to optimise your storage of goods with high or low turnover.

Manufacturer’s website : Provost

Product website : Provost-Stockage