Nilfisk – Gasoline/diesel high pressure cleaners – MC 5M-195/1000 DE

Powerful and ergonomic, with tough construction for tougher use, the petrol-driven MC PE/DE range is ideal for cold-water cleaning in areas where electrical power is in short supply. Despite its compact size, the machine is capable of impressive high-pressure output, reducing cleaning time and resource requirements.



Self-priming and suction allow water to be drawn from a tank or river, easily reached thanks to rugged, flat-proof wheel design and high mobility across any surface. Reliable engines, provided by Honda or Kohler depending on model, ensure long equipment life and high-impact cleaning.

Strong construction and high mobility are only part of what makes the MC PE/DE range unique. It also includes:

  • Robust, long-lasting pumps

  • Vibration-isolation technology to keep the machine still during use, which reduces wear

  • Ergo quick-coupling system for easy hose-attachment/removal

  • Performance models ranging from 5-13hp, enabling an exact match with your needs

  • Low pressure detergent injector


Technical specifications :

Model No106174740 Model No106174740 Model No106174740
Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)195/19.5 Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)195/19.5 Pump Pressure (bar/MPa)195/19.5
Recommended avg. hours of use per day5 Recommended avg. hours of use per day5 Recommended avg. hours of use per day5
Cleaning impact (kg/force)5.3 Cleaning impact (kg/force)5.3 Cleaning impact (kg/force)5.3


Manufacturer’s website : Nilfisk

Product Site : Nilfisk – MC 5M-195/1000 DE

PDF of product : Nilfisk – MC 5M-195/1000 DE