Mall – Rainwater storage for rainwater recovery B

B Mall rainwater storage tank for rainwater recovery
(one-tank / two-tank systems)

Benefits at a glance

Concrete rainwater storage tanks – robust, environmentally friendly and inexpensive
Volume from 1100 to 12500 litres
30-Year Concrete Warranty
Lid can be walked on – class A, ideally accessible by car and truck

Concrete rainwater tanks are ideal for civil engineering and earthworks. The service life is designed for at least 50 years and relocating the concrete rainwater storage tank is inexpensive and simple.
Rain Tanks B (one-tank systems) are available in volumes from 1,100 to 22,400 litres, Rain Tanks B (two-tank systems) in volumes from 6,300 to 44,700 litres.


Manufacturer’s website : Mall

Product website : Mall-TypeB