Mall – NeutraClear

Wash water treatment with NeutraClear acc. Appendix 49 Waste Water Ordinance with approval

Benefits :

eneral building inspection approval Z 83.4-6
Mechanical-biological processes (BOD and COD degradation)
No smell, no chemicals
Function in the free mirror
Low maintenance and reliability (low operating costs)
Space saving in the building thanks to underground installation
Compatible in all washable water systems
Excess water for possible direct discharge after consultation with the authority
Options such as conductivity measurement, rainwater utilisation, sludge dewatering and aboveground service water supply

Wash water treatment – economical and ecological

The treatment of the washing water not only frees the environment, but also contributes to a considerable reduction in the operating costs of the washing systems. Mall’s wash water treatment system works without chemical additives. The costs for drinking water and waste water are considerably reduced through the treatment of the washing water.

If local conditions do not permit the installation of a groundwater treatment plant, NeutraClear tanks can also be installed above ground. For this purpose, frost-protected cellars or a large technical room are used. The system is made of plastic and complies with Annex 49 of the AbwV.

Additional savings potential thanks to the Use of rainwater
The use of rainwater to rinse vehicles or to compensate for evaporation and transfer losses also saves a large part of the costs of drinking water and surface sealing.

Fields of application for the treatment of washing water:

Washing of commercial vehicles
Car wash
Gate washing systems

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Product PDF : Mall-NeutraClear