Maha – Pneumatic pit top – MPJ 20.0/750 1S HA

The suspended pit jack lifts up to 20.0 t. The rail-suspended pit jack, with its deep-drawn carriage and long 750mm stroke, is suitable for work with or without axle beams and support systems. The compressed air quick control allows rapid up and down movement when there is no load. The equipment also includes an air motor to lift the piston rod under load.


1-stage telescopic, rail-guided, suspended

Description :

Manual pit jack
with manual pump for lifting loads
Specially designed for the work and dismantling of wheels and brakes
small sets in connection with axle lifting beams and support systems for trucks and buses with a load capacity of 20.0 t.
support systems for trucks and buses with a load capacity of 20.0 t.

Ordered :

Precise, user-friendly hand pump for fast stroke and lift.
Gentle and precise lowering of the pit jack thanks to a proven system with integrated dead man’s control.

Design :

For precise movement, the pit jack is guided by rails on the top edge of the pit.
Guarantees easy movement of the pit jack, as all rollers are equipped with needle bearings in the transverse and longitudinal direction.
Long total stroke of 750mm to reach high units.
The pit jack is fitted with a down-stamped P carriage to incorporate an axle lifting beam at any height.
It is also possible to use a straight S carriage.
Pit jack with bespoke trolley tailored specifically to the individual working pit based on a dimension sheet, in conjunction with different roller versions and varying degrees of clearance to suit the circumstances of the working pit.
Corrosion resistant piston rods due to self-lubrication
High quality powder coat finish protects against corrosive liquids and provides a lasting quality look and feel.

Manufacturer’s website: Maha

Product site: Pit jack – MPJ 20.0/750 1S HA

Product PDF: Pit Jack – MPJ 20.0/750 1S HA