Maha – Pneumatic pit bottom – MPJ 16.5/750 1S FA

The pit jack lifts up to 16.5 t. The floor-running axle and transmission jack with 750 mm stroke moves freely, at 1000 kg it automatically lowers. The manual hydraulic drive unit enables pneumatic rapid control for fast movement of the piston rod when there is no load. The equipment also includes an air motor with hand control for lifting the piston rod under load.



Automatic pit jack
with pneumatic motor and fast control
Specifically for wheel/brake works in conjunction with axle
lifting beams and support systems for trucks and buses
with 16.5 t load capacity


  • Efficient fast control for UP and DOWN movement Integrated as standard

  • Precision, user-friendly, pneumatic manual control cylinder with magnetic bracket for convenient and flexible quick stroke and load lifting with enlarged view into operator radius

  • Delicate and precision lowering of the pit jack with tried & tested system with integrated dead man’s control


  • Freely movable floor-runnable pit jack for flexible use at various work locations, e.g. workshops or work pits

  • Floor-running carriage with four guide rollers, two of which are fitted with brakes to prevent rolling away (without load)

  • Spring-based roll guard: jack automatically lowers itself to floor once a load capacity of about 1000 kg is reached, securing itself in the process

  • Almost unobstructed passage through the work pit thanks to floor-running carriage

  • Piston support can be increased by max. 2 x 200 mm (option for very deep pits)

  • Integrated inspection window for checking oil quality and quantity of the pit jack

  • Corrosion-resistant piston rods thanks to self-lubrication

  • High-quality powder-coating protects against corrosive liquids and elevates quality look and feel on a lasting basis



Load capacity (CE) 16,500 kg
Stroke distance 750 mm
Lifting levels 1
Min. load uptake height 1189 mm
Max. lifting height 1939 mm
Carriage (L x W) 1010 x 760 mm
Rollers 80 mm (polyamide)
Support diameter inside/outside 45/70 mm
Piston rod diameter 70 mm
Oil quantity/quality 9.5 l / HLP-D 10
Drive 350 l/min. 11 bar
Operating pressure 254 bar
Weight 193 kg

Manufacturer’s website : Maha

Product website : Pneumatic pit bottom– MPJ 16.5/750 1S FA

PDF of the product : Pneumatic pit bottom– MPJ 16.5/750 1S FA