Maha – Pit jack MGH-L 3.5/45

PITFORCE | Pit Jack Hanging pit jack with 3500 kg load capacity


Pit jack is track-guided at the upper edge of the pit for easy movement in the working pit
Hanging pit jack for lifting cars and transporters with free wheel access
Push buttons – dead man’s control with forced cylinder retraction
The lift features an S-carriage
For optimal adjustment to the working pit, and to use pit jacks in U-profile without structural modifications, the carriage can be adjusted by 200 mm.
We can determine the optimal carriage for the pit jack based on a filled in pit dimension sheet
A high-quality powder coating offers protection against aggressive liquids and adds to the high-quality aesthetic of the products

Standard Delivery:

Pit jack with S-carriage
Standard supports 120 x 120 mm
Operating manual and test log
EC conformity certificate CE
Type tested

Manufacturer’s website : Maha

Product website : Maha-MGH-L 3.5/45

Product PDF :Maha-MGH-L 3.5/45