Maha – Pit Jack MGH 14.5/75

PITFORCE | Pit Jack Hanging pit jack with 14500 kg load capacity


Pit jack is track-guided at the upper edge of the pit for easy movement in the working pit
hanging pit jack for wheel and brake works, as well as removal of smaller components in combination with axle travers and support systems
Hand-operated hydraulic load lift via pumping handles
Optional pneumatic quick control facilitates fast lifting and lowering of the cylinders to the load uptake point
Flexible pit jack remote control (optional) for installation works and access from both sides of the working pit
Optimal compressed air motor for the load lift means no more hand pumping
Discharge spindle with dead man’s control enables particularly delicate/precise and secure discharge of the pit lift
The lift features a deep-drawn P-carriage for works with axle traverses (alternatively, S-carriage can be supplied)
For optimal adjustment to the working pit, and to use pit jacks in U-profile without structural modifications, the carriage can be adjusted by 140 mm. The maximum width W is 1080 mm, excess width up to 1200 mm is available as an option

We can determine the optimal carriage for the pit jack based on a filled in pit dimension sheet
All rollers feature needle bearings in transverse and longitudinal direction to facilitate easy movement
Inspection window for controlling oil quality and water content To prevent all water accumulation in the pit jack, we also offer a compressed air maintenance unit as an option
Piston rods are hard chromium plated, and to prevent rust in the jack, the inside is flushed with hydraulic oil with every complete lift.
A high-quality powder coating offers protection against aggressive liquids and adds to the high-quality aesthetic of the products

Standard Delivery:

Pit jack with deep-drawn P-carriage
Standard supports 120 x 120 mm
Operating manual and test log
EC conformity certificate CE
Type tested

There are differents versions of MGH in 11 , 16.5 and 20 Tonnes

Manufacturer’s website : Maha

Product website: Maha-MGH-14.5/75

Product PDF : Maha-MGH-14.5/75