Maha – MSD 3000 Euro

MSD-SERIES | Shock Absorber Tester


Quick and accurate physical axle damping testing
Evaluation based on Lehr’s damping ratio
Automatic measurement of axle and vehicle weight with transfer of weight to brake tester (optional)
Fully-automatic test sequence launched once plate load of is more than 60 kg on both sides
Frequency-controlled plate excitation by electric motors to determine the maximum vibration amplitude, with subsequent evaluation of axle damping
Noise search function for pinpointing interference noises in the vehicle directly on the test stand (optional)
Floor unit as self-supporting framework
Parallelogram-guided test plates and therefore no fixed wheel testing point necessary
In conjunction with EUROSYSTEM:
display on PC screen with evaluation by Lehr’s damping ratio “D” with deviation display and graphic representation
In conjunction with LON brake testers:
representation on LON analogue displays with evaluation by Lehr’s damping ratio “D”
Hot-dip galvanized

Standard Delivery:

MSD 3000 EURO Floor Unit Axle Damping Tester
Pre-configured for connection to EUROSYSTEM or LON test line
Pre-configured for stand-alone use (requires MCD 2000 communication desk with electronics)

Manufacturer’s website : Maha

Product website : Maha-MSD3000

Product PDF : MAHA-MSD3000