Kaeser – Membrane dryers

Innovative, compact dryers for superior efficiency and reliability

LThe Kaeser Membrane Module (KMM) features a special flow concept for long-term drying efficiency as well as the innovative, high-density helical fibre structure of the high-performance hollow fibre membranes.

KMM dryers easily deliver pressure dew points in the minus range, even when installed where space is at a premium. They also play to their strengths when energy sources are unavailable or when used as end-point dryers in areas at risk of frost.

Flow rates from 0.04 to 3.97 m³/min
PDP from +10 °C to −40 °C (relative temperature reduction of up to 90 °C compared to inlet air temperature)
Optional versions with energy-saving purge air stop valve

Your advantages

  • Superior membrane design:
    The helical structure of the extra-fine Kaeser membrane fibres results in a high-surface area separator with low space requirements. Furthermore, effective transportation of water molecules from the outside in means the external membrane pores always remain ready to channel more water (innovative Flow Concept).
  • Maximum operational reliability:
    All functional parts of the KMM dryer are housed within a stable enclosure. Upstream Kaeser micro filters provide reliable protection to membrane modules against the harmful effects of dirt, aerosols and oil.
  • Highly efficient:
    Air loss is minimised thanks to purge air nozzles featuring a defined aperture diameter. During downtimes, the (optional) purge air stop valve significantly augments the cost-effectiveness of the dryer.

The perfect partner: DHS air-main charging systems

Even air flow with low vibration is a crucial necessity for your treatment system – especially when restarting the compressor.

Outstanding membrane design

Super-fine membrane fibres

Compared to conventional membrane fibre dryers, the fibres in the Kaeser membrane module are significantly finer and more numerous, thereby increasing their surface area. In turn, this delivers superior drying performance compared to conventional designs. This is augmented yet further due to the high mechanical stability of the membrane fibres.

Flow concept

The hollow membrane fibres consist of a highly porous support layer and an internal, water-permeable separation layer. The pressure differential between the moist compressed air outside the fibre and the almost atmospheric flow of purge air through the centre encourages water molecules to permeate through the fibre wall. The pores of the support layer therefore always remain permeable.

Efficient drying

The spiral helical structure of the fibres in the inner chamber of the dryer module means that the module is now shorter, yet has the same drying capacity as previous, longer models – whilst nevertheless boasting a greater active membrane surface area per unit of volume. The helical fibre structure also promotes even distribution of air around the fibres and encourages the movement of water molecules.

Versions and options

KMM with purge air stop valve for even greater energy savings

KMM membrane module with flow concept and helical fibre structure
Solenoid pilot-valve: 230 V, 50 Hz, 240 V, 60 Hz, open when de-energised
Configured and pre-assembled for immediate use.
Outlet silencer also included

Function of the membrane dryer module

  1. Compressed air inlet
  2. Membrane fibre module
  3. External casing
  4. Purge air nozzle
  5. Purge air outlet
  6. Compressed air outlet

Moist compressed air flows into the module casing, where it comes into contact with the membrane fibres. A minimal amount of this now dry compressed air is used as purge air and is drawn upwards around the fibres and expands to atmospheric pressure. The resulting increase in volume increases the air’s water retention capacity. In combination with with the selectivity of the membrane, the differing water content of the purge air flow and the flow of air to be dried (both flowing in opposite directions), allows water molecules – almost exclusively – to diffuse through the fibre wall. There are separate outlets for the dried compressed air and the purge air.

Product PDF : Kaeser – Membrane-dryers