Kaeser – Consumable and Spare parts

Energy-efficiency and reliability

Kaeser’s service personnel use only genuine maintenance and spare parts with proven durability to ensure unrivalled reliability and long service life. Only Kaeser original parts guarantee tested quality.

You can order them on info@equindus.lu

Air filter element

Generously sized air filter elements protect the airend from being damaged by air particulates and dust. This significantly enhances compressor service life.

Separator cartridge kit

There is a kit for each model of the compressor package containing the appropriate separators and gaskets. Only Kaeser genuine parts ensure lowest possible remaining oil content.

Service kits

Kaeser service kits contain the consumables that our experience tells us are most frequently required. This means they are ready for immediate use and ensure the compressor availability.


Kaeser’s advanced SIGMA FLUID coolant not only ensures exceptional wear-protection and lubrication (even at low temperatures), but also simplifies condensate treatment.

Filter elements

Kaeser filter elements for reliable filtration with minimal pressure loss: sealed filter housing, stainless steel orifice tubes, oil and acid resistant. Newly designed coalescence filters ensure optimum performance even at low flow rates.


Activated carbon filter

Kaeser activated carbon filter elements meet all waste water regulations thanks to their fit, filter element, and high separator properties. They combine long service life with consistent filtering performance.

Exchange airends

Kaeser’s exchange airends are completed using the very latest production processes. Thanks to precision casing measurement and bearing adjustment, they deliver the same quality, efficiency and durability as a brand new airend.

EQUINDUS Air Service – Maintenance agreement for maximum system reliability and value retention

With an EQUINDUS service contract (maintenance contract), you can be sure that your compressed air system is reliable and retains her value.

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is represented throughout the world by in-country subsidiaries and qualified partners. Thanks to our extensive service network and sophisticated logistics system, as well as our highly-qualified personnel, a Equindus-trained technician is always on hand nearby to supply the necessary Kaeser genuine part.