Kaeser – Compressed Air System Basic Models: The SXC “Compact” Series

The all-in-one compact compressed air package

Compressed air systems (*) of the SXC series have been designed by Kaeser for trades and crafts. On only 0.62 m², they comprise all components necessary for air supply under a single strong polyethylene cover: a rotary screw compressor with SIGMA-Profile, a refrigeration dryer and an air receiver.

Compressed air systems of the SXC series are offered with these performance data:

Pressure: 8, 11 or 15 bar
Flow rate range: 0.26 – 0.80 m³/min

Your advantages

  • Connect and go:
    Piping and installation of our integrated packages takes little time. Simply connect this compact compressed air package to the power supply and compressed air distribution network and you’re ready to go – that’s it!
  • Protection from corrosion damage:
    Thanks to the integrated refrigeration dryer, the SXC package delivers high air quality and protects your tools and equipment from corrosion damage.
  • Simple maintenance:
    All maintenance and service points are easily accessible once the SXC’s removable enclosure which is made of rotational moulded polyethylene is effortlessly lifted away. The electronic condensate drain can be inspected via a grille. Maintenance is simple and effective.


Complete unitReady-to-run
Fully automatic
Super silenced
Double-skinned rotational moulded polyethylene enclosure
Optimal accessibility of all service points after cover removal

Sound insulation

Sound enclosure
Anti-vibration mounts
Dual anti-vibration mounts

Electric motor

Energy-saving motor (IE3)
Quality German manufacture
IP 54
Insulation class F for greater power reserve

Rotary screw airend

SIGMA Profile rotors require approximately 10 to 20 percent less energy than conventional rotors of the same air delivery capacity.

V-belt drive

Maintenance-free belt
No re-tensioning

Fluid and air flow

Honeycombed dry air filter
Inlet with check valve
Pneumatic venting valve
Cooling fluid tank with separately installed separator cartridge
Pressure relief valve
Minimum pressure/check valve
Micro-filter in the cooling fluid circuit


Aluminium cooler for cooling fluid with separate fan motor
Second fan on drive motor shaft
Automatic warm run control (only active at very low loads)


Internally coated
Electronically controlled condensate drain

SIGMA CONTROL BASIC controllerElectronic control and monitoring system
Large display
Start-Stop control
Monitoring of: Direction of rotation, system pressure, airend discharge temperature, refrigeration dryer
Measured data displayed: Network pressure, cut-out pressure, airend discharge temperature
Status data displayed: System state, active fault, maintenance due
Also displayed: Counter for service, load and operation hours
Adjustable service interval
Pressure and temperature unit selection (bar/psi/ MPa, °C/°F)
Individually reducible nominal system pressure
Emergency stop switch
“Motor running” floating relay contact
Electronic pressure transducer

Electrical components

Control cabinet to IP 54
Automatic star-delta contactor combination (above 3 kW)
Overcurrent trip
Control transformer

Refrigeration dryers

Control cabinet to IP 54
Automatic star-delta contactor combination (above 3 kW)
Overcurrent trip
Control transformer
Contains fluorinated greenhouse gas R-513A

SXC component layout

  1. Air filter
  2. Airend
  3. Drive motor
  4. Automatic belt tensioning
  5. Fluid separator tank
  6. Cooler
  7. Air receiver
  8. ECO DRAIN condensate drain
  9. Refrigeration dryer
  10. Compressed air outlet
  11. Control valve

Product PDF : Kaeser – SX8