JohnBean – V2200 Lift

V2200 Lift

3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology


Traditional wheel aligner for general repair shops

Accurate and repeatable measurements
Small and lightweight single-plane targets (XD)
Universal wheel clamps (AC100) with rim clamping range 11″ – 22″
Software Pro42 SILVER: a high-resolution ICON-based software program designed to provide simple and effective use of information required by the technician
Measurement of toe, camber, caster, maximum steering angle, and toe curve
A-arm adjust
Cradle adjust
EZ Toe for easy and convenient adjustment at maximum steering angle
Moveable camera beam with two high-resolution XD cameras
22“ flat-screen monitor
Mobile control terminal with printer shelf and embedded PC

Manufacturer’s website : JohnBean

Product website : JohnBean-V2200-Lift

Product PDF :9702717_V2200_F_2016.10