INGTOP Métal – Electrically controlled roller shutter


All service pits designated for vehicle service and control are certified by the Engineering Test Institute and they are in concordance with Governmental Decree No. 176/2008 Sb. (Coll.) and Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No. 2006/42/ES.

They are in compliance with requirements on health and safety protection. The service pits are in compliance with the Governmental Decree No. 101/2005 Sb. (coll.) , s. 7 (1) to 7 (7) regulating the requirements on service pits.

When offering solutions of the service pit version we put the accent on design, structure and technical equipment of the pit working interior.
Equipment of the service pit is always specific according to customer´s requirements based on his service needs.


The roller shutter ensures prevention against fall of people to the service pit and enables
to drive the vehicle over the service pit by its all length and width.

It is delivered including an extension for a roller shutter, drive mechanism, stainless rails, zinc-coated sleepers and covering of roller shutter drive mechanism. The roller shutter is a travelling retractable roller shutter that consists of jackets, pins and rollers.

It is used for covering of the service hole after the end of service works. Inside the extension there is placed a driving mechanism that drives the roller shutter. The system is adjusted as follows: when opening the roller shutter the fresh air supply to the service pit is automatically switched on and thus the possible exhaust pollutants are vented out of the internal areas.

The load of the roller shutter is statistically calculated for load of 3 t ( 5t in option ) per one wheel so it is possible to drive over the closed service pit by the truck tractor with the maximal speed of 5 km per an hour.

Mobile cover for an electrically roller shutter

Automatic safety roller

Protects the pit against falling people and allows the vehicle to drive over the pit over its entire length and width.

Complete supply:

roll placement equipment
stainless steel rails
galvanized cross members
roller cover

the Roller is a retractable roller shutter composed of square tubes, pivots and small rollers. It is used to cover the pit after completing maintenance.
The motor is located under the roller placement equipment.
The system is configured so that the fresh air supply starts automatically when the roller is opened.

By using the roller, the operator secures the pit against falling persons and meets the safety requirements of the applicable legislation. The roller can also be used as protection for tools that are regularly used in the pit during technical inspection or maintenance.

Manufacturer’s website : INGTOP Métal

Catalogue : fosse-maintenance