Hidral – Goods and passengers lift EHM-1500

Model EHM-1500

The EHM-1500 has a load range from 1000 to 2000 kg.

EHmix is a versatile elevator that allows different uses according to the customer’s needs. It can be used like a normal forklift truck, ideal for peak production moments, when the work of two operators is required. It can also be used with the accompanying load mode, for moments or installations where the volume of work and personnel is less.

With 30 years of experience in the lifting sector, Hidral now presents its EHmix Lift, a versatile solution that meets the specific needs of any company.

Normal lift mode:

The loading surface is fully utilized and the device is manoeuvred from the control boxes on the landing. An operator must be present on each floor or move to retrieve the load :

Accompanied loading mode:

A single qualified operator accompanies the load in the cabin and carries out the complete loading-transport-unloading process.

The EHmix Lift is a lift offering two modes of operation:

a. Normal lift mode, ideal for peak production, when two operators, one at each level, are required.

b. Accompanied loading mode, a “single” qualified operator accompanies the load in the cabin and can therefore carry out the entire load-transport-unload. This mode of operation optimizes the organization of the company.

The EHmix Lift can be quickly and easily adapted to different functions, it is an ideal solution for warehouses, shops, factories, depots, reserves, industrial activities. In addition, the cabin dimensions can be customised, depending on the loading surface required or the available pit.

The EHmix Lift optimises the loading-transport-unloading process by guaranteeing maximum safety of the working area, whether the operator uses the control box in the cabin or on the landing.

The EHmix Lift, absolute safety. For Hidral, safety is a real priority. We are renowned for this. That is why we have developed the strictest safety measures for all our Lifts. With the EHmix Lift, we have set the bar even higher, adding all the necessary devices so that the operator can accompany the load with complete peace of mind.

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