Guernet – Serie enairgie ABR Petrol

Wheeled petrol wheel barrow compressor – air and/or current

Handy and very practical thanks to the generously dimensioned wheels and the removable handle, the wheelbarrow type compressors of the ABR Essence series are equipped with a petrol engine.

Caractéristiques :

Advantages :

-Robustness and reliability, high efficiency twin cylinder cast iron airend
-Fully independent compressor, which eliminates the proximity of electricity for operation.
-Easily manoeuvrable and mobile
-Ease of use
-Large inflatable wheels
Dashpot system allowing the compression head to go idle during periods of non-use
-Automatic idling for long life and quietness
-Vacuum valve to facilitate cold start
-Reinforced tanks

It is also available without wheel version to be installed in vans for a mobile intervention service for example

Manufacturer’s website : Guernet

Product website : Guernet-Série-Enairgie-ABR