Guernet – Serie ABR Petrol

Wheeled petrol wheel barrow compressor

Handy and very practical thanks to the generously dimensioned wheels and the removable handle, the wheelbarrow type compressors of the ABR Essence series are equipped with a petrol engine.

Caractéristiques :

Specific models :

On simple request, our design office analyses your needs and creates specific models according to your guidelines.
For years, we have been working hand in hand with our customers in order to respond to the various changes linked to professions requiring compressed air.
The specific models will have the particularity to answer precisely to your needs for your greatest working comfort.

Advantages :

-Robustness and reliability, high efficiency twin cylinder cast iron airend
-Fully independent compressor, which eliminates the proximity of electricity for operation.
-Easily manoeuvrable and mobile
-Ease of use
-Large inflatable wheels
Dashpot system allowing the compression head to go idle during periods of non-use
-Automatic idling for long life and quietness
-Vacuum valve to facilitate cold start
-Reinforced tanks

It is also available without wheel version to be installed in vans for a mobile intervention service for example


Manufacturer’s website : Guernet

Product website : Guernet-Série-ABR