Giuliano – S228

Racing super-automatic tilt back tyre fitting machine for tyres with rim from 10" to 28" (max. tyre diameter 1100 mm./43", max. tyre width 415mm./16").
Suggested for high volume tyre shops.


Tilting tower, sliding horizontal arm with ø 41 mm operating arm;
Bead breaker double effect Cylinder ø 200 mm;
Reinforced Chassy and tower;
Tabletop thickness 14 mm w/adjust. jaws (Giuliano patent);
Fitting head designed for both standard and low profiled tyre applications;
Double rotation speed by pedal;
Tyre inflation by pedal (standard);
Adjustable bead breaker shovel angle;
Suitable for Help, Press Arm or HP2 assist arms (optional);
Suitable for Tubeless tyre bead seating system; (optional);
“Easy Access” extractable pedal box for quick service;
PO System, Giuliano patent, for granting no BB shovel stuck into the rim;
Robotic pipe for operating arm positioning/lock.

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