EuroRoller – Extraction Arm

Extraction Arms

Extraction arms extendable up to 11 metres for wall mounting or placed in a Eurorail® system up to 5 metres.

Stationary or moveable fume extraction systems for welding fumes, temperatures up to 100 ºC., and operating lengths up to 11 metres.

Stationary exhaust fumes extraction arms for tractors, and other agricultural machines with vertical exhaust pipes and temperatures up to 650ºC., operating lengths 3 metres.

Extraction hoses

Extraction hoses for welding fumes, exhaust fumes, aggressive damps with temperatures up to 1100º and diameters of 50 to 900 mm are an important element of Euro-Roller®Technics’ product portfolio.

Manufacturer’s website: Euroroller

Product website : Euro Roller – Extraction-Arm