Ecotechnics – Twin 12

The complete station for R134a and HFO1234yf

ECK TWIN 12 is the renovated expression of the functional and technological skills of the Ecotechnics brand. Two machines in one is the simple, fast and safe solution. ECK TWIN 12 is renewed by adopting some of the most successful modern technological standards.

Fully automatic A/C charging station for recovery, recycling and charging for R134a and HFO1234yf

  • Two independent circuits with specific components for each gas

  • New 7” touch screen display for an easy, fast and intuitive navigation

  • Energy-saving with 12-volt solenoid valve technology

  • Built-in hybrid function for the flushing of service hoses and internal circuits. Indispensable for the service on systems with an electric compressor.

  • Optional refrigerant analyser for % detection of refrigerant components tested: HFO1234yf, R134a, R22, HC hydrocarbons and air.

  • Automatic test of the A/C system under pressure with nitrogen or hydrogen/ nitrogen mixture

  • Management of 2 oils and 2 tracers, both with hermetic containers that can be filled and with hermetic cartridges

  • Automatic purging of non-condensable gases

  • WIFI connection as standard

  • Complete database also including commercial and agricultural vehicles

  • Innovative and practical cylinder locking system from the outside

  • 100V or 110V transformer available as an optional feature

OEM Approvals: PSA**, Renault*, Mitsubishi*, Honda*, Suzuki Italia*, Jaguar-Land Rover*, Toyota Deutschland*

*) ECK TWIN 12 is the evolution of ECK TWIN PRO
**) Approval obtained on ECK TWIN PRO

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