Consul – Z-Line 4155.5 RF

Z-Line 4 post lift type Z4155.5 RF

Product Description: 

The compact: 4 post lift with double-sided extendable, integrated auxiliary lift (3.500 kg) and variable platforms for safe drive-on.


Reliable electro hydraulic drive with low noise hydraulic under oil power unit
Power transmission through traction cylinder
Variable platform distance
Serially rail for jacking beam
Integrated auxiliary lift (Master/Slave hydraulic system), extendable both ways,
incl. 4 elastomer adapters 250 x 150 x 20 mm (60 mm for RF-AV)
Locking device for wheel alignment every 100 mm via pneumatic locking system (8 bar)
Serially long drive-on ramps (1.000 mm) for sporty vehicles
Incl. 2 air connections and 2 air wrench holders
Safety signal tone at lowering in foot area
Lifting and lowering via ergonomic push button control
Operation in drive-on direction front left
Optional with post clearance 3.000 mm
Protection class IP54, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

Manufacturer’s website : Consul

Product website : Consul-Z-Line-4-post-lift

Product PDF :Consul – Z-Line 4144